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*FREE* Mrs Lilien's Cocktail Swatch Book pdf, epub, mobi
*FREE* Mrs Lilien's Cocktail Swatch Book pdf, epub, mobi

Kelley Lilien,: Mrs Lilien's Cocktail Swatch Book

Mrs Lilien's Cocktail Swatch Book


Beautifully designed in the Pantone swatch book format, "Mrs. Lilien s Cocktail Swatchbook "is filled with 50 classic cocktail recipes for colorful entertaining. Interent bon vivant Mrs. Lilien (http: // takes a fanciful approach to cocktail making in this retro-chic swatch book, which includes 20 recipes for blended cocktails, 20 recipes for shaken cocktails, and 10 recipes for punch bowls. Every classic recipe is accompanied with a modern twist and chic accouterments. Simply fan the book out to your desired recipe, look at the card, and instantly know which ingredients the cocktail requires from the glossy four-color photographs. The gorgeous cover design (complete with embossed flamingos!) is dazzling on a bar cart, coffee table, or at any cocktail party. Recipes include: Mrs. Palmer, Mrs. Basil Rita, Mrs. Collins, Mrs. Julep, Tequila Granita, Brunch Punch, Senorita Spin and many more!"

SHORTLISTED FOR THE MAN BOOKER PRIZE 2013. From Subhash's earliest memories, at every point, his brother was there. In the suburban streets of Calcutta where they wandered before dusk and in the hyacinth-strewn ponds where they played for hours on end, Udayan was always in his older brother's sight. So Mrs Lilien's Cocktail Swatch Book download PDF close in age, they were inseparable in childhood and yet, as the years pass - as U.S tanks roll into Vietnam and riots sweep across India - their brotherly bond can do nothing to forestall the tragedy that will upend their lives. Udayan - charismatic and impulsive - finds himself drawn to the Naxalite movement, a rebellion waged to eradicate inequity and poverty. He will give everything, risk all, for what he believes, and in doing so will transform the futures of those dearest to him: his newly married, pregnant wife, his brother and their parents. For all of them, the repercussions of his actions will reverberate across continents and seep through the generations that follow.

Author: Kelley Lilien,
Number of Pages: 104 pages
Published Date: 13 Jun 2012
Publisher: Random House USA Inc
Publication Country: New York, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9780307955142
Download Link: Click Here


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